Will my child outgrow seizures

Many children do outgrow their seizures. A lot depends on the cause and type of the seizures. A child has a better chance of outgrowing his seizures if: 

  • His EEG is normal between seizures (this is called interictal EEG)
  • His seizures are not caused by a brain tumour, malformation, or other physical cause, or if there is a specific factor that causes his seizures, such as fever or medication
  • His seizures are controlled on anti-epileptic drugs for at least a year
  • He is diagnosed with one of the benign epilepsy syndromes, such as childhood absence epilepsy, benign neonatal convulsions, or benign epilepsy of childhood with centro-temporal spikes (BECTS)
  • Many children who do not outgrow their seizures still have a good chance of remaining seizure-free on medication.